PALESTINE SOLIDARITY NETWORK | Taking action in Edmonton for a free Palestine


Idle No More to Occupation No More: Indigenous Intifadas from Turtle Island to Palestine

Thursday, March 7 (7:00 – 9:00 pm)

Telus Building Room 134

Corner of 111 Street & 87 Avenue, University of Alberta Campus

(Click here for map)

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“You who come from beyond the sea, bent on war,

don’t cut down the tree of our names,

don’t gallop your flaming horses across

the open plains….

Don’t bury your God

in books that back up your claim of

your land over our land,

don’t appoint your God to be a mere

courtier in the palace of the King”

– Mahmoud Darwish, The Penultimate Speech of the “Red Indian”

There are many similarities between the experiences and struggles of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and the Palestinian people: the establishment of settler-colonial states on stolen land, the ongoing destruction and exploitation of indigenous land and resources, denial of collective identity, culture, and rights, and most importantly, ongoing resistance to colonization, occupation and oppression.

The emergence  of the Idle No More movement for Indigenous sovereignty, self-determination and rights also has strong parallels to the two Palestinian Intifadas (an Arabic word literally meaning “shaking off”) – powerful civil society movements that arose spontaneously from the grassroots to challenge decades of oppression under the Israeli occupation.

Come explore and discuss these connections and what lessons each movement can learn from the other with a panel of speakers involved in the Idle No More movement in Edmonton and a Palestinian refugee involved as a grassroots organizer during the First Intifada (1987-1993) in Gaza.

In the words of the statement by Palestinians in Solidarity with #IdleNoMore: “Now is the time – from Canada/Turtle Island to Palestine, we must all be ‘Idle No More’, and take a stand: against colonialism, against occupation, and for self-determination, sovereignty, rights and justice for Indigenous peoples.”

via PALESTINE SOLIDARITY NETWORK | Taking action in Edmonton for a free Palestine.

About Makere

A Maori/Scots New Zealander transplanted to Canada. Grandmother, academic, indigenous scholar, sometime singer, sometime activist, who cares passionately about our world.
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