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Sunday Morning: Pärt and Soul ” “Breathing in and out, crying tears of sorrow and tears of joy,..”

Originally posted on Live & Learn: Stuart Isacoff in titled Pärt and Soul: “You may not know the name, but you’ve heard his music. Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s alluring, hypnotic “tintinnabuli” (“bell-like”) style has resonated with listeners world-wide—the database…

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Bastion Point – The Untold Story – Television | NZ On Screen

In 1977 protesters occupied Bastion Point, after the announcement of a housing development on land once belonging to Ngāti Whātua. 506 days later police and army arrived en masse, to remove them. This documentary examines the rich and tragic history … Continue reading

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“Hurt” – Johnny Cash / Trent Reznor

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Panning for Gold

Originally posted on Live & Learn: Ben Sollee, 30, is an American cellist, singer-songwriter, and composer known for his innovative playing style, genre-bending songwriting, electrifying performances, political activism, and wide appeal. His music incorporates banjo, guitar, and mandolin along with…

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Elizabeth Povinelli: the four figures of the Anthropocene

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seeking the heart of the infinite

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The day you were born a ladder was set up to help you escape from this world. ….Rumi what does it mean to regret having not completed it all? is it a natural defense…

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The circle of no beginning or end. And that is Hell.

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Anger at humans, my own kind – I remember how it carried me, joyous in self’s self-exaltation, through a narrow opening as at birth into the great hollow of the dark itself where the…

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Moving On: A Stop-motion Music Video for ‘James’ Made with Yarn by Ainslie Henderson | Colossal

Moving On: A Stop-motion Music Video for ‘James’ Made with Yarn by Ainslie Henderson | Colossal. Moving On is the latest stop-motion video from BAFTA-nominated animator, writer, and director Ainslie Henderson. The clip was created as a music video for … Continue reading

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Pianists’ Live Improv

Originally posted on Live & Learn: I’ve featured Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm previously on separate posts titled: Near Light and Said & Done.  Now the two solo artists come together to create a new song live in front of…

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Chris Hedges: The Power of Imagination – Truthdig

Those in the premodern world who hoarded possessions and refused to redistribute supplies and food, who turned their backs on the weak and the sick, who lived exclusively for hedonism and their own power, were despised. Those in modern society … Continue reading

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