Transforming Futures at the World Futures Studies Federation Conference

Incites for the week

This week’s posting is a draft of the paper I am presenting at the World Futures Studies Federation conference “Global Research and Social Innovation: Transforming Futures” in Bucharest, Romania later this month:

Greetings to the ancestors of this land and to all of you gathered here today. I am Kanaka Maoli, a Native Hawaiian and a student of decolonial futures. The question I wish to put before you today is:

What distinguishes indigenous conceptions of futures from a post-enlightenment Euro-American vision of futures?

I am going to begin with a discussion of principles that have become a part of my personal futures toolbox; a toolbox that I am in the process of building in order to facilitate images of futures that are radically democratic, socially egalitarian and diverse. And I conclude with an example of decolonizing futures — an introduction to a group of Kanaka Maoli in Hawaii who are…

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About Makere

A Maori/Scots New Zealander transplanted to Canada. Grandmother, academic, indigenous scholar, sometime singer, sometime activist, who cares passionately about our world.
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