Tessa’s Pin Up Shoot

This is my incredible eldest granddaughter, photographed by a stunningly talented woman who has hung out with my some of my offspring for more decades than I can admit to. Tracey, the mother of my beautiful and wickedly humorous granddaughter Tessa, is also a stunningly gorgeous and talented photographer. I am awestruck that somehow I got to be related to these amazing people.

Sparrow Rose Photography

Tessa is something of a God-daughter to me. When I was a teenager I moved out of home and in with my best friend’s sister, Tracey, and her daughter Tessa. Tessa was about 8 years old at the time. Tracey and I became best of friends, and have remained the sort of forever friends that may not talk for a year and then pick up where we left off. I feel truly privileged to ben a part of both of these incredible ladies’ lives. They are part of my family.

I saw on facebook that Tessa had been a model for her friend who was doing hair and make up artistry, and immediately contacted her to ask if she was interested in doing some modelling for me. The response: “I’m happy to do as many shoots as you like!”

As seems to happen when I get obsessed about an idea, everything fell into place…

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A Maori/Scots New Zealander transplanted to Canada. Grandmother, indigenous scholar, sometime singer, sometime activist, who cares passionately about our world.
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