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Wild Horses

Wild, wild horses, couldn’t drag me away faith has been broken tears must be cried so let’s do some living after we die wild horses couldn’t drag me away wild wild horses we’ll ride them some day wild horses couldn’t … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Live & Learn: Mike Rosenberg, 29, was born in Brighton, England.  He is better known by his stage name Passenger, is an English folk-rock singer-songwriter. Rosenberg learned classical guitar when he was young: ” My parents were really encouraging about…

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Passenger – Let Her Go

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The Curse of Living in ‘Interesting Times’ by John H. Richardson, in Esquire

There’s a certain level of creative license that is evident in this piece published in Esquire. Notably, I had no idea I was talking to a journalist when this conversation took place. For the record, I didn’t talk about harassing … Continue reading

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Matters of Life and Death: Thinking at the End of ‘A’ World

“I’ve never cared much about my own personal death, but for some reason the collapse of entire ways of life – and in this case, the way of life, twisted yet beautiful, that made me what I am – has…

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The Semipublic Intellectual | Bookish

“What are you doing?” This is a question familiar to academics who have spent time away from their official scholarly pursuits to write online. Whether it’s a blog post on research, a review essay about contemporary fiction, or even a … Continue reading

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