On a grey Friday

This heavy, grey, damp and gloomy morning reminds me of Auckland. And Makarora also, on that day when the rain falling through the leaves, saturating the moss and making slippery the rocks was so in keeping with my mood, and where the kereru perched well out of reach and my heart cried and 9/11 had happened and the world was all awry.. and still is… and still is….

ah well, the lettuce, kale, tomato and herbs on my balcony are loving it, and the flowers, and as for me, as I attempt to soothe these aching joints protesting at the keyboard, I’m focusing on that faint but present glimmer of light out there in the distance.. . that’s where I’m heading, that’s where we’re heading… through the murky mist towards some dimly seen future in which governance is finally aligned with wellbeing and the economy serves life, and body is aligned with spirit and maybe, then maybe, my mokopuna/grandchildren’s lives will be secure..

About Makere

A Maori/Scots New Zealander transplanted to Canada. Grandmother, indigenous scholar, sometime singer, sometime activist, who cares passionately about our world.
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