Max Richter – 2002 Memoryhouse – YouTube

If ever there was music which captures the mood of this November in 2016, Max Richter’s 2002 Memoryhouse is surely it.

From climate change occurring at an ever-increasing rate to the Clinton vs Trump debacle of the US election just days away, the exhaustion and anxiety of so many people everywhere as we face our collective uncertain future is palpable.

Yet hope remains, hope that can only spring from action. Surely, at the deepest level, action is what we are called to in this day.

About Makere

A transplanted New Zealand Scots/Maori academic/grandmother/random singer and sometime activist, my life is shaped by a deep conviction of the necessity for active critical engagement in the multi-faceted global and local crises of being and survival of species that confront us in the 21st century, the urgency of re-visioning the meaning of thriving together, and the contribution of Indigenous knowledge systems to a truly sustainable and just global society.
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