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Requiem for a Glacier | A\J – Canadas Environmental Voice

WHAT DO YOU GET when you put one innovative BC artist, a passionate curator, fifty musicians, and fifty porters, sound techs and camera operators on a melting glacier slated for controversial development as a four-season ski resort?You get “Requiem for … Continue reading

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Hope Is What We Become in Action, by Center for Ecoliteracy

I love to quote the dear, now deceased, Hermann Scheer, the great German environmental leader, who reminded people that the sun provides us 15,000 times the daily dose of energy compared to what we\’re currently using in fossil fuel. Hit … Continue reading

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Joanna Macy: A Wild Love for the World, by Krista Tippet

I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not complete this last one but I give myself to it. I have been circling around God, that primordial tower. I\’ve been circling for thousands … Continue reading

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Climate change: Capitalism and the Church speak the same language | The Postcolonial

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has submitted its latest report, and with it comes the unquestionably clear perspective that the Earth’s ecological situation is heading towards the land of no return. Indeed we can now be certain that … Continue reading

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Not Your Ordinary First Grade Ocean Project, by Lisa Bennett

Every year, Joan Wright-Albertini, a first-grade teacher at Park Day School in Oakland, California, transforms her classroom into a virtual rainforest, a desert, or an ocean — whatever ecosystem interests her students most. But in recent years, she has also … Continue reading

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Catlin Seaview Survey of the World’s Coral Reefs

Catlin Seaview Survey which is now in it’s second year of surveying the worlds coral reefs. via

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Felix Dodds comments on sustainable development and life

I wanted to ask us to take a step back for a moment. We know that the global impacts of population change, economics prosperity in emerging economies and an increasing urban world combined with climate change will mean by 2030: … Continue reading

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BBC News – Deep sea mining ‘gold rush’ moves closer

Conservation experts have long warned that mining the seabed will be highly destructive and could have disastrous long-term consequences for marine life. The ISA study itself recognizes that mining will cause “inevitable environmental damage”. But the report comes amid what … Continue reading

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Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee — Elemental Water | Awakin.org

Eight years ago, he had a dream—to highlight the untold stories of everyday heroes around the world. So Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee became a filmmaker. And put that concept of “oneness” on a larger scale. Traveling to dozens of countries producing short films that, … Continue reading

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Perils of the Keystone XL Pipeline Confront Obama by Ralph Nader | Dandelion Salad

Perils of the Keystone XL Pipeline Confront Obama by Ralph Nader | Dandelion Salad.

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