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When languages die, ecosystems often die with them | Public Radio International

Living on Earth July 15, 2014 · 12:45 PM EDT Writer Max J. Rosenthal Photo: An Aboriginal performer in Sydney, Australia. Aboriginal languages in Australia are among the fastest-disappearing tongues in the world. Credit: David Gray/Reuters You probably know that … Continue reading

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When Surrender Means Not Giving Up: The New Sacred Activism – Shift Magazine

End the dishonesty, the deception. Stop lying to yourselves, and to your children. Stop pretending that the crisis can be “solved,” that the planet can be “saved,” that business more-or-less as usual—what progressives and environmentalists have been doing for forty-odd … Continue reading

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BBC News – Deep sea mining ‘gold rush’ moves closer

Conservation experts have long warned that mining the seabed will be highly destructive and could have disastrous long-term consequences for marine life. The ISA study itself recognizes that mining will cause “inevitable environmental damage”. But the report comes amid what … Continue reading

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Mantas Last Dance – Lead.Learn.Live.

Mantas Last Dance – Lead.Learn.Live.. More stunning imagery reblogged from Lead. Learn. Live. watch to the end though. These stunningly beautiful creatures are being hunted to extinction for the lucrative health product market.

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