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Teachers must get to know students and then learn how to teach them: Spivak – The Express Tribune

The teacher must get to know his students and try to learn how to teach this group,” she said. “In my classroom, I try not only to solve problems for my students but also produce problem-solvers.” Addressing the students in … Continue reading

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There’s a point to this rambling story. Read on.

Thoughts on a Tuesday morning: I left the University at about 5.30 last evening and boarded the No 4 bus to Capilano, produced my bus pass, as in showed it to the diver without removing it from my wallet, and … Continue reading

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An Indigenous Feminist’s take on the Ontological Turn: ‘ontology’ is just another word for colonialism

Originally posted on speculative fish-ctions (Dr. Zoe Todd):
Personal paradigm shifts have a way of sneaking up on you. It started, innocently enough, with a trip to Edinburgh to see the great Latour discuss his latest work in February 2013.…

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Re-imagining Capitalism: Love and Compassion in Economics | People-Centered Economic Development

In 1999, a conversation about the Ignorance and Want allegory from Dickens Christmas Carol began a business relationship that would last until my correspondents death. He was working at the time in Russia on a concept that hed written a … Continue reading

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Sex was invented in Scotland

Of course it was

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Invader-States Hijacked UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples –

The meeting proved to be a predictable success for invader-states of the United Nations. It also marked a retreat from the forty years of international struggle towards indigenous peoples’ self-determination that took hold after the 71-day liberation of Wounded Knee … Continue reading

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Fink: Looking too Closely

Originally posted on Live & Learn: Fink, aka Fin Greenall, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and DJ.  He was born in 1972 in Cornwall, grew up in Bristol and is currently based in Brighton, UK.  His mother worked in the…

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You and I are built of the same atoms as a fern or a ham sandwich | Thrive

Wh via You and I are built of the same atoms as a fern or a ham sandwich | Thrive.

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Watch: Danny MacAskill Does It Again | News from the Field |

Mind blowing.. Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill, known for viral videos of his otherworldly bike-handling skills, has done it again with “The Ridge.” MacAskill returned to his home of Skye, the remote and rugged northern Scottish island, to shoot a video … Continue reading

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A love of revolutionaries

Revolutionaries are needed today as never before, and they are arising everywhere. How are you being called?

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