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The Creative Sympathies of Art and Science: Alan Lightman on What the Exhilarating Mystery of Creative Breakthrough Feels Like – Brain Pickings

An exquisite account of those moments that feel “like a great hand has suddenly grabbed hold and flung you across the surface like a skimming stone.” BY MARIA POPOVA. “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious,” Einstein … Continue reading

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Absurd Heroism, by Margaret Wheatley

Originally posted on Image As Voice:
“Let us focus on transforming ourselves to be little islands of good caring people, doing right work, assisting where we can, maintaining peace and sanity, people who have learned how to be gentle, decent…

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Imbolc & The Rites of Women: The Midwinter Festival of Lights

Gather Victoria Brigid’s Cross woven for Imbolc Across the world, for thousands of years, our ancestors celebrated the turn of the seasons through sacred rituals,  feasts and plenty of magic.  Marking the astrological alignments of the sun and moon, theses … Continue reading

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